Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thrown out? End up!!! :)

 Viskas. Diplominis įrištas, už 1.30val lekiu atiduot į katedrą. Niekas nekeičiama, nes viskas atspausdinta ir įrašyta į DVD (nes į CD netelpa :D ). Ramu ramu ramu. Laukia naktis kurorte...
O ta proga, kad tapau šiek tiek laisvesnė, padarysiu mažą mažulytę apžiūrą apie priemones, kurias baigiau / kurių liko vos vienam kitam kartui :) Ir, kaip bebūtų keista, visos jos iš Ziaja lenkiškos kosmetikos linijos :))

That's it. Bachelor Thesis is already bound and after hour and a half I'm going to bring it to office-girl who will register my Thesis :)) There can be no amendments cause everything is printed and also written to DVD (cause there aren't enough space on CD, hah :D ). Placidness placidness placidness.. There will be an awesome night at the resort :)
AND in case of all that now I become less busy I decided to make a little tiny review about stuff that I've ended up / left for one or few times. And, strange to say, but all of them are from Ziaja Polish cosmetics line :))

Ziaja agurkinis makiažo valiklis (Ziaja cucumber cleansing milk)

I just loved that!! It gives very nice feeling to skin after cleaning all make-up :) And also smell is quite nice, soft :) I think that some day I will repeat this cause there, in Lithuania, it costs about 13 - 16 Lt, and in great Poland it costs about 5 - 8 zl ( it would be about 4 - 7 Lt ;// ).

Ziaja dušo želė su spanguolių ir laukinių braškių aromatu (Ziaja cranberry and wild strawberry shower gel)
 I just LOVE LOVE LOVE those smells of Ziaja's shower gels. It's just awesome and there are plenty of them to choose from :) Perfect price (also in Poland but I guess that there sometimes are some promotions when you can buy that shower gel for good price) for biiig size awesome smell :) It's 500ml in the bottle and in Lithuania it costs about 10 - 15Lt and in Poland you would pay about 5 - 7 zl. So there is little difference between those prices..

Ziaja dvifazis akių makiažo valiklis (Ziaja duo-phase make up remover)
Heh, it was strange a bit to use make-up remover with oil phase, but, hovewer I really liked it :) It removes mascara absolutely awesome. Even that which is quiet hard to remove with simple removers :) Ahh, and yes, price here, in Lithuania, is about 8 - 11 Lt aaand in Poland it will cost about 5 - 7 zl... :) Yes yes yes, I know...

So I guess you like this review and will try some of these products :) And now I'm going to prepare and get to uni, yay! :))

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  1. Patraukė akį dušo želė. Jų yra LT?
    O akių valiklį išmėginau, nepatiko. Labai jau toks "aliejiškas". :>


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