Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The best things in world are.. both - visible and invisible :}} Just like coconut. Such an interesting... thing?

Ciate nail polish. Absolutely awesome, definitely will buy other colours.

River Island sweater;
River Island skirt;
NoName home shoes;
Primark tights;
Boyfriends watch.

Primark belts. I'm in love with those clasps.

Primark pyjamas pants. Sooo soft, sooo cosy.

 Little feminine secret from LaSenza. Adorable shop..

 Mel Butterfly Jelly shoes from Schuh. Summer feeling still inside :}}

Looks comfortable - are comfortable. Almost the best shoes for long distances here. Penneys. 


Guerlain "Insolence" EDP and gift from my beloved - teardrop necklace (as I named it).


Kanebo SenSai EX L'emulsion and La Lotion. Great deal, couldn't miss that :}


  1. Gin - Mistress. Pasaka :}}} Labai patiko, buvau kartui pasiskolinus iš draugės. Kai rasiu pirkti gyvai, tai būtinai pirksiu ir pati :))

  2. labai dailiai atrodai :) ir ryskios lupos tau laaabai tinka!

  3. Ancia - thank You very much! However, tights are already in bin (I can't wear any type of tights, I'm just not born to it :D ) and flats are not as cosy as I thought it will be.. My BF wants to kill me for that purchase but, however, flats are very very beautiful :D


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